Keep up to date with Division Contests

The best place to find the latest summary of events is the District 112 calendar, on this website under “What’s On”; if in doubt, contact your Area or Division Director. Agendas will be posted here if supplied 18th April¬†¬† 9:00 am – 2:30 pm Division O Conference – Table Topics, Evaluation, Humorous Speech and International … Read more

District 112 update – How does COVID-19 affect YOU?

This is a supplement to the March D112 newsletter, and summarises all effects and advice to March 23. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY The above supercedes the earlier update, which is still available at District112_Newsletter_16_March_2020_COVID-19 Questions? Please email your Area Director, or [email protected] for general enquiries [email protected] for conference or centest related issues [email protected] for advice … Read more