A toggle could work to go over the steps immediately after joining

This page describes what you should expect after you join a club; click each item for more information.

This varies in different clubs, but you will usually be asked to confirm you understood the promise section of the application form, and that you will live up to it. In return, the club is often asked to pledge support for you.

Booklets on the basics of meeting roles and public speaking are  free to download from here. There is also a useful one on using your voice.

While you could find everything in the Toastmasters Resource Library, there is much more there than you need right now. Until you have worked out who your mentor will be, the Vice President of Education knows everything – but you can ask anyone else as well.

Go to the Toastmasters International website, choose “Pathways”, then “Learn more”. Explore this page, then ask your mentor (or your VP Education) to talk you through it.

You’ve already read about the Icebreaker if you’ve followed the steps on this page. Its your mentor’s role to help you prepare for this, your first speech in front of the club.