Getting Started with Facebook for your Club

This is part of a series of educational videos for Toastmasters International, created by Lauren Parsons of District 112.

There are three videos in this series with the links included below for easy reference.

Video 1 – How to get more Toastmasters club visitors by sharing strategically on Facebook.

This video introduces a simple idea that will help create a constant flow of new visitors to your club. Hear Lauren explain why it’s so beneficial to share photos of your club meetings online and to tag members into those posts so their friends will automatically see and hear more of the WOW moments that happen at your meeting.

Video 2 – How to Create a Facebook Page for your Toastmasters Club.

Be walked through the steps to create the page, find and add the relevant images and share your page with your members.

Video 3 – How to create a Facebook post, tag a person and use a hashtag on your Toastmasters Facebook page.

This video shows you how to share a photo onto your Facebook page, that is to create a post. It also explains how to ‘tag’ a person into the post, so that their Facebook friends will automatically be able to see the post, and shows you how to add hashtags to the post, if desired.

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